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"Kerkezos is consider one of the most brillant saxophonist worldwide and this night his fame was proved." "The night's protagonist was the Greek saxophonist T.K. who did three encores..."    December 5, 2015, Gothaer Allgemeine by Von Dieter Albrecht 

"Fascinating Saxophone"  "Kerkezos glows in the concert" At the end T.K. once again proved his great technique giving to his audience, who applauded loudly and knocked their feet on the floor, the virtuosic "Czardas" by Iturralde". Zeitung fur Gotha 5, December 2015 by Von Horst Groner

Inspiration from Theodore Kerkezos and Thuringen Philharmonic. "...he greatly owns his instrument in all dynamics."  December 4, 2015 by Sabine Kolz 

I enjoy every single note of your playing. Just beautiful, exquisite saxophone playing! Paquito D' Rivera - November 19,  2015

About your excellent saxophone book: its not only great to learn difficult fin gerings and the way of approaching those extreme notes (the most difficult) on the instrument, but also to practise different rhythmic patterns and built endurance and beauty tone! Paquito D' Rivera - October 1, 2015

I'll treasure your book as the most welcome gift. The saxophone community is obliged to you for taking the time and effort to do such an in depth research into the borderlines of saxophone art.                         Jan Garbarek - Norway Oslo - July 2015                   

“My warmer congratulation for your amazing interpretation and arrangement of Oblivion and Libertango which we enjoyed them very much.”

Aldo Pagani, Publisher of A. PAGANI S.r.l. Edizioni Musicali -  December 15, 2013

“Your presence honors our institution.”
Oltea Serban Parau, Artistic Director of Romanian Radio National Orchestra -– October 23, 2013

“…he is a great saxophone player… “Kerkezos masterly executed it, giving to the audience beautiful colors and a great expressive style.” “…was a magical night, that one cannot forget    
ComposersUSA, Full 2012, Laura Pimentel

Fabelhaft, wie einfuhlsam Kerkezos die lyrischen Abschnitte auslotete und in der ausladenden Kadenz die Figurationen fabulos durchraste.
Nurnberger Zeitung, 23 April 2012, Egon Bezold

“…dem er wahre Lautkunststucke…” “…eroberte Kerkezos die Horerherzen im Sturm. Das war vergnuglich Klanglust pur.”
Abendzeitung, 23 April 2012, Ute Missel

Εven in a world awash with superb classical saxophonists, Theodore Kerkezos stands out. Kerkezos is a model of subtlety and soulfulness.
Fanfare-USA, October 2011, Ronald E. Grames

5 Stars “...grande solista...”
CD Classico-Italy, February 2011-Gabriele Formenti

Maestro del saxo
“...produjo sensacion la maestria del solista Theodore Kerkezos. En la tercera pieza, 'Czardas', del navarro Pedro Iturralde, el saxofonista alcanzo un preciosismo instrumental limpido y calido a la vez.
El Correo-Spain, 22.01.11 Karmelo Errekatxo

Kerkezos zeigt mit beispielhafter Tongebung, Technik und Musikalitat, weshalb das vielseitig-originelle Timbre des Saxophons sich so vorzuglich zur Darstellung…
Fono Forum, 5* - Januar 2011

Kerkezos is one of the most astounding players of the day.
His artistry inspires contemporary composers to take the saxophone seriously… Kerkezos finds a refined range of colouring and expression.
His tone is mellifluous and rich.
Gramophone Magazine, Editor's Choice - December 2010

Theodore Kerkezos is one of the leading saxophonists and a champion of modern music.
Presro Classical November – 2010

Kerkezos finds a refined range of colouring and expression.
The Daily Telegraph- October 8, 2010, Geoffrey Norris

He’s a tremendous instrumentalist, approaching everything he does with fire and commitment…Kerkezos’ formidable virtuosity…
The Guardian- October 7,  2010, Tim Ashley

Theodore Kerkezos is a saxophonist with a mission. There’s nothing untowards in that especially if like me one of your weaknesses is the sound of the saxophone in all its guises.
MusicWeb International - –October 2010, Rob Barnett

“…Kerkezos is an absolute fine soloist of this wonderful instrument with a very warm sound.”
Moscow Telegraf - February 11, 2010

It is wonderful how easily he plays even the most difficult passages, while he enchants us with his unique sound.
Macedonia – Thanos Takas - September 23, 2009

“My concert for Saxophone and orchestra is a very complex piece, which demands a high degree of virtuosity and musicality by the soloist. Theodore Kerkezos performed it recently with the Hofkapelle Meiningen and he did it in amazing way. He mastered not only all technical problems, the flexibility of tone-colours he produced was absolutely adequate and the musical shaping was very convincing. I would be happy to hear his further performances of the piece”.
Friedrich Cerha 13.5.2009

" of the finest players of the instrument in the world." "It received an extremely fine performance from Kerkezos..." (recital at the Wigmore Hall-London).
Musical Opinion, March- April 2009 - Robert Matthew - Walker.

Das Stück lebt zum einen von der Virtuosität des Solisten. Theodore Kerkezos reizte sein in eigenwilliger Form gefertigtes Instrument in die Extreme seiner technischen Moglichkeiten und in die Intimität seiner „Seele" aus.
Meininger Tageblatt / Freies Wort - March 3, 2009

Sicherlich wird er die Interpretation seines 2003/2004 entstandenen Konzerts durch Theodore
Kerkezos „signiert" haben.
Thuringer Allgemeine  March 7, 2009

"Kerkezos is an extremely sensitive player who seeks to do these scores justice.
...again, Kerkezos is mightily impressive..." ,
Colin Clarke -Fanfare USA - October 2008

"...of the saxophone's beautiful and romantic vibration-sounded speech -Theodore Kerkezos..." ,
Cronica Romana - Dr. Grigore Constantinescu January 3, 2008 (From the Crhistmas concert-gala with the Bucharest Radio Symphony)

" Theodore Kerkezos: most intriguing " ,
GRAMOPHONE March 2007 - Richard  Wihtehouse 

"...confirming the sensitive tones which a great interpreter can coax from the instrument."
Musical Opinion, March-April 2007 - Robert Matthew-Walker

" ...Naxos is lucky to have latched onto Theodore Kerkezos,as his playing is consistently fine and full of the spunk and spit needed to make this unwieldy instrument sing like an angel. ...extremely well played.... " ,
American Records Guide - Ritter, March/April 2007

" ...Kerkezos spielt es mit innerem Engagement und lasst die Dichte der Pastorale wundervoll zur Geltung kommen. ...und wenn Interpreten von der Qualitat des hervorragenden Saxophonisten Kerkezos sie ans Licht bringen, selbst in Arrangements, so ist dies ein Gewinn fur das Repertoire.... " ,
Pizzicato February 2007

" ...and no one I know of on the scene today plays it with more of a polished technique or produces such a honeyed sound as Theodore Kerkezos... " ,
Jerry Dubins-Fanfare USA May-June 2007

" ...Kerkezos is a most impressive player who is strongly associated with much of this music... ",
Patrick C Waller - Musicweb-international Dec.2006

" ...Α letter from the composer Mikis Theodorakis... ",
December 2006

" ...Greek saxophone virtuoso Theodore Kerkezos, who made a sensational appearance... ",
Music Journal August 2006

" ...Kerkezos gave a superb recital at the Wigmore well was it played that no suggestions of sameness entered my mind...was magnificently played by this very fine instrumentalist. Itrust we shall have the pleasure of welcoming T. Kerkezos back to London very soon... " ,
Robert Matthew-Walker, Musical Opinion March-April 2006

" ...Kerkezos is among the greatest of classical saxophone soloist and his recital was a masterclass in the immensely varied palette of colours the the instrument can produce...his pianissimo sound was spellbinding... ",
Rob Witts, 11 Jenuary 2006

" ...Berio's Sequenza,another high point for Kerkezos, who showed exceptional judgement of extreme quitness and, again,a fine sense of where the music going. " ,
THE INDEPENDENT - Robert Maycock, 9 January 2006

"...a stupendously accomplished virtuoso.",
J. Dubins, Fanfare (U.S.A.) May/June 2005

" ...Ι was most impressed by the playing of this Greek virtuoso... " ,
R.Matthew-Walker, Musical Opinion March-April 2005

"...est la pour la bonne bouche, irresistible... Kerkezos a de l' allure et de l' esprit et entraine le London Philharmonic Orchestra."
Classica Repertoire Jan.2005

" exotic, sensual saxophone that would bring almost any audience to its feet.",
Ritter. American Record Guide. Jan.Febr/2005

"...Kerkezos proves a true virtuoso, with sure technique, pleasant tone and a wide dynamic range",
A. Burton - BBC Music Magazine 10/2004

" ...Abwechslungsreiches Programm mit Stucken fur Saxophon und Orchester, ausdrucksstark und klangschon gespielt von Theodore Kerkezos, der den jeweilligen Stimmungen sehr gut Rechnung tragt... " ,
Pizzicato, May 2005

"...a superb saxophonist...",
Saarbrucker Zeitung, 03/12/2004

" ......Kerkezos impresses not only with his virtuosity but also his versatility. He commants a wide range of colour and dynamic, and he enters into various styles and moods with commitment, certainly and a vibrant personality... " , , Colin Anderson 20/07/2004

" ...Mellifluous playing throughout from Kerkezos, who must have had written for him a number of concertos that it would be worth introducing to the UK audiences.",
The Classical Source - Richard Whitehouse (From Royal Festival Hall with London Philharmonic 7/11/2003).

" ...proved a good night for the Philharmonia orchestra and more especially for the young Greek saxophone virtuoso Theodore Kerkezos" ...the Samba Brazileira particularly showing off Kerkezos’ adaptability to a great range of styles, the flashy pyrotechnics attesting his consummate skill... ",
Musical Opinion, May-June 2003 David Alker

" ...Kerkezos’ superb mastery of the instrument... ",
What’s On in London - Michael Darvell, 19/02/2003

" ...the striking timbres of Kerkezos’ saxophone in the Glazunov concerto are convincing, and well balanced with the Philharmonia Orchestra accompaniment." ,
Perfect Match-Australia, June 2003

" ...Kerkezos’ beautifully effortless playing of the acrobatic scale passages... " ,
Birmingham Post-Terry Grimley, 12 April 2003

" Endlich wieder eine Wurdigung klassischer Saxophonvirtuositat, die auch dem E-Musikfreund- es gibt sie, diese ‘Schublade’!- allen Respekt abverlangt." "Dem keineswegs angegrauten Standards der traditionellen Saxophonliteratur kommt das exzellent zugute.." "…im Beitrag von Villa-Lobos, ganz zu schweigen von dem ekstatischen Hohepunkt in dem tumultlosen, treffend charakterisierten Tanzritual..." 07/11/2002- Gerhard Patzig

" ...Kerkezos is the soloist,with the right combination of musicianship and bravando,and he is given solidly professional backing from the Philharmonia in very good sound... " ,
Classical London reviews-Paul Pellay November 2002

" Kerkezos makes the cd very special, his virtuosity sweeping aside the music’s pyrotechnics with a stunning display of agility.The speed with which he can ripple through the fun of "Scaramouche", and the silky smooth quality of Debussy’s "Rhapsody", contrasts with a display of unusual and brightly-lit colors in "Song of Dionysus". , Yorkshire Post-David Denton

" ...One of the best saxophonists in his age... " ,
Pravda Moscow-Hadexda Hectepova

" ...Musician send by god... " ,
The St Petersburg News-Elena Artiameva

"…you are clearly an excellent classical saxophonist…"
Costa Pilavachi
World EMI Classics President

" ...I was impressed by the technique and the sound quality which he developed. ",
Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001)

" ...congratulation for your superb sound... " ,
Marcel Mule (1901-2001), le Patron de Saxophone

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