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18 January... U.K: Wigmore Hall, recital with the pianist Mei Yi Foo.

23 Jan... Greece: Athens Megaron Concert Hall, with the Athens State Orchestra  and maestro L. Karitinos on C. Debussy's Rhapsody.

25 Jan... Greece-Agrinio, with the Saxophone Ensemble of Piraeus' Prefecture and the pianist Francesco Nicolosi on G. Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue.

30 Jan.... Italy- Catania; at the Teatro Lyrico Vincenzo Bellini with the Orchestra Massimo Bellin and maestro Stefano Tsiali on Piazzolla's Tango Suite for Sax. and Orchestra   

31 above 

6 February... Switzerland: Tonhalle, with the Zurich Symphony and Christof Escher on M. Theodorakis' Cretan Concertino and T. Antoniou's Concerto piccolo.

18 Febr... Greece-Thessaloniki: World Premiere Recording with the Thessaloniki State Orchestra under Myron Michailidis on "Gioconda's Smile" by Manos Hadjidakis.

27 Febr... Greece-Thessaloniki Megaron Concert Hall: Concert-Gala for the 50th annivarsary of Thessaloniki State Orchestra under M. Michailidis on Theodorakis' Cretan Concertino.

4 March.. .Germany- Meiningen: Meininger Theater,with the Meininger Opera orch., with.: S. Tsiali on F. Cerha's Concerto for Soprano saxophone and orchestra.

5 March... Germany-Eisenach: as in 4 March.

13 March... Romania: Bucharest Radio Hall with the Bucharest Radio Orch.,with. Maia Ciobanu,on P. Maurice's Tableaux de Provence and C. Debussy's Rhapsody.

16 April... Slovakia: Bratislava, with the Slovak Philharmonic, with.:Peter Feranec, on H. Tomasi's Concerto.

17 April... Slovakia: as in 16 April.

29 April... Greece: Athens Megaron  Concert Hall with the Bolshoi Theater Orchestra and maestro Alexander Myrat on M. Theodorakis' Adagio.

30 April... Greece: Thessaloniki Megaron Concert Hall; rest, as above.

2 May... Russia- Moscow: Bolshoi Theater; rest, as above.

1 June...Russia: at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall with the Moscow Philharmonic with maestro Yuri Simonov on Tomasi's Concerto.

Italy tour:

2 Sardinia-Cagliari with the Saxophone Orchestra of the Piraeus Prefecture and the pianist Francesco Nicolosi on Gershwin's Rhapsody on Blue

3 July...San Vito, as above

4 July...Lanusei, as above

5 July.... Napoli, teatro Don Carlo as above 

6 July...Bari, as above 

7 July...Vietri sul Mare, as above

8 July....Caserta, as above

10 July...Salerno, as above

11 July...Avelino, as above

12 July...Benevento, as above

13 July..Rofrano, as above

25 July…Greece-Egina: Concert with the Kerkezos Saxophone Quartet

26 July…Greece-Egina: as in 25th

1 August…Greece-Salamina: Concert with the Athens State Orchestra under Vyron Fidetzis on Milhaud's Scaramouche

2 August….Greece-Salamina: as above

22 to 26 August…Russia-Moscow: recordings with Tchaikovsky Moscow Radio Symphony and maestro Vladimir Fedoseyev.

8 September….Greece-Crete: Concert with the Saxophone Orch. and Aris Garoufalis on piano.

18 Sept….Thessaloniki Megaron Concert Hall, opening concert with the Thessaloniki State Symphony and maestro Gunter Neuhold on Rhapsody by Debussy and Tableaux de Provence by Maurice.

15 October…Italy: Rome Opera concert under the United Nations with the Saxophone Orchestra of Piraeus Prefecture and Dimitri Toufexi on piano.

25 Oct…Russia-St Petersburg: Shostakovich Hall with the St Petersburg Symphony and maestro A. Dmitriev on Frank Martin’s Ballade.

20 November…Siam: Mahisorn Hall with the Siam Philharmonic and maestro Somtow Sucharitkul on Tomasi’s Concerto and Milhaud’s Scaramouche

24 Nov.....Korea with the Seoul Philharmonic and maestro Jun Hyun Baek on Villa-Lobos' Fantasia and Milhaud's Scaramouche.

27 December…Greece Heraklion: Recital with the soprano Matina Velimachiti and Francesco Nicolosi on piano.

2010 Most notable

5 February…Russia-Moscow, Tchaikovsky Hall: Concert-gala for the 80th anniversary of the “Tchaikovsky” Symphony of Moscow Radio and maestro Vladimir Fedoseyev on Tableaux de Provence by Paule Maurice. Direct broadcast by TV Kultura - Russia.    

19 April…UK-London: Recordings with the London Symphony Orchestra and maestro Yuri Simonov, at the EMI Abbey Road studio 1; Simon Kiln Producer, Arne Akselberg head of the sound engineer team, for the Onyx label. Repertoire: Rhapsody by Claude Debussy, Legende by Florent Schmitt, Concerto by Henri Tomasi, Tableaux de Provence by Paule Maurice, Choral varie by Vincent d’ Indy.

20 April…as above

18 May…Germany-Nuremberg: World Premiere Recording at the Meistersinger Halle with the Nuremberg Symphony and maestro Marc Kissoczy on Concerto by Bertold Hummel.

19 May…as above

20 May…as above

31 May…Greece- Concert-Gala at the Athens Opera House: concert with the Saxophone Orchestras of Piraeus Prefecture.

14 June…Czech Republic: World Premiere Recording: with the Janacek Philharmonic and maestro Peter Feranec on Alkis Baltas’ Monologue.

15 June…as above

16 June…as above

19 June…Greece: Athens Megaron Concert Hall, with the Saxophone Orch. of Piraeus Prefecture with the pianist Dimitri Toufexi

20 October…"Dimitria Festival" with Yuri Bashmet and the Moscow Soloists on the Concerto by A. Glazunov at the Thessaloniki Megaron Concert Hall.

11 November…Germany: with the Staatskapelle Weimar and maestro Stefanos Tsialis on Concerto fur soprano saxophone und orchestre by Friedrich Cerha.

12 November…Germany: as above

2011 Most notable

Switzerland tour:

2 January…Wettingen: New Year concert with the Aargauer Symphony and maestro Marc Kissoczy on M. Ravel's Piece en forme de Habanera,  M. Theodorakis’ Cretan Concertino and P. Iturralde’s Czardas.

7 Jan.…Reinach: as above.

8 Jan.…Zofingen: as above.

9 Jan.…Aarau: as above.

10 Jan....Zurich - Tonhalle: as above

20 January…Spain-Bilbao: with the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra and maestro Jin-Hyoun Baek on Scaramouche by D. Milhaud, M. Theodorakis’s Creatn Concertino and Pedro Iturralde’s Czardas

21 January…Spain: as above.

28 January…Greece: Athens Megaron Concert Hall, with the Athens State Orch. and Mario Kosik on Tomasi’s Concerto

10 February…Greece: Athens Megaron Concert Hall, World Premiere of the Concerto by G. Koumentakis with the Kerkezos Saxophone Quartet and the ,Athens Camerata.

11 February…World Premiere Recording at the Athens Megaron Studios the above work.

Germany-Poland tour:

28 June…with the Thuringen Philharmonic and S. Tsialis, on D’ Indy’s Choral Varie and D. Milhaud’s Scaramouche.

29 June…as above in Gotha

1 July…Poland: as above in Busko Zdroj

2 July…as above in Kielce

3 above in Warsaw 

USA tour:

9, 10 September…master classes and recital at the Louisiana University

11 Sept…concert with the Louisiana Symphonieta under the maestro Dinos Constantinides on the Ibert's Concertino and Jules Demmersseman's Fantaisie 

12 Sept… as above

13 Sept…master class and recital at the South-eastern Louisiana University

14  Sept....master classes and recital at the Southern Mississippi University


16 Sept....Garland Symphony under Robert Austin on Debussy's Rhapsody and Iturralde's Czardas

17 Sept....Arlington Symphony under R. Austin on Debussy's and Iturralde's

15 November…Russia: with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic under Peter Feranec on Glazunov's Concerto and Ibert's Concertino. 

2012 Most notable

11 February…UK-London: The Philharmonia Orchestra with maestro Martin Brabbins on Debussy's Rhapsody and Karamessini's Song of Dionyssus.

28 March..Slovakia-Bratislava: World Premiere Recording with the Slovak Radio Symphony under Mario Kosik on Constantinides’ Concerto No5.

29 March…Slovakia-Bratislava: World Premiere for Constantinides’ Concerto No5, Creston’s Sonata for sax. & orchestra and Gershwin’s Prelude for sax. and orchestra with the Slovak Radio Symphony under Robert Austin. 

Germany tour

20 April…-Sonneberg: World Premiere for the Bertold Hummel’s Music for sax. and orchestra, with the Nuremberg Symphony under Marc Kissoczy.

21 April…-Nuremberg: at the Meistersingerhalle as above.

22 April...Meinengen Opera Theatre: as above 

10 May…Russia-Moscow - Yaroslavl Festival: with Yuri Bashmet and the Moscow Soloists on Glazunov’s Concerto

5 October.... UK-London: Royal Festival Hall: London Philharmonic with maestro Roberto Minczuk on Debussy's Rhapsody and Paule Maurice's Tableaux de Provence

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